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Can an agent push out a form to a group of users at a specific time?

I have a request to pop up a data entry form every Friday afternoon so Product Engineers can record their time for the week. I can imagine a LotusScript agent that sends an e-mail containing a link to the form, but we want it to be more aggressive. We don't wait for the PE to check his/her mail and don't expect them to click a link. We'd like to have the database "force" the form up on their screen. Can you have an agent push out a form to a small group of users at a specific time?
A fairly easy, low tech solution that utilizes the "appointment reminder" function common in most calendaring systems should provide the functionality you are looking for. An alert on every project engineers' workstation would pop up at the appropriate time at which point they will be one click away from the timecard form.

Here's how to set it up. Send out a recurring appointment/event called "Update Timecards" to all project engineers. When creating the appointment, make sure you specify a recurring appointment for a set time every Friday afternoon. Remember to include the link to the timecard form in the reminder. When the project engineers add the appointment to their calendars, the client software ensures the alert and the link pop up in a dialog box.

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