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Can an Oracle database update from mainframe jobs?

Can administrators set IBM mainframe jobs to update Oracle databases directly, or are there incompatibilities between the systems?

It all depends on your current version of Oracle Database.

You can do a direct Oracle database update with mainframe jobs provided you have an older version of the product.

Updating the database works with Oracle Database v10 clients. The functionality to update Oracle Database directly with a mainframe job is no longer supported on the 11g or 12c deployments.

If you have a version of Oracle Database that supports this direct update, you will need to install the z/OS client or the Oracle Access Manager for CICS on the mainframe, if you do not already have them. The application architecture determines which of these to use.

Editor's note: Oracle Database 10g has been unsupported since July 2013 (for version 2). Oracle 11g, released in 2009, and 12c, released in 2013, succeed the database. Oracle 12c marked a change in the database strategy from grid computing (g) to multi-tenancy with cloud (c).

Oracle introduced 11g for improved data manageability, availability, data storage and security compared with previous versions. It includes upgrades to clustering, data center automation and workload management components. XML upgrades were designed to improve user access to data.

Oracle Database 12c's multitenant architecture allows users to consolidate databases to the cloud and manage them as one entity. Applications can access these multi-tenant databases in the same manner as they do a standard database. It also expedites cloning and provisioning of databases.

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