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Can a program use IXLLIST macros in CICS?

CICS expert Robert Crawford discusses if a program can use IXLLIST macros in CICS when IXLLIST are APF.

Is there any way to have a program use IXLLIST macros in CICS when the IXLLIST is APF?
This is tough because, as you know, CICS application programs run unauthorized. I can think of two things:
  • Your CICS program could call a user written SVC routine. Since the SVC receives control in authorized state, it could either issue the IXLLIST requests or branch back into the CICS program. I must stress that both of these solutions, especially the latter, are dangerous to system integrity. The handshakes between the CICS program and the SVC should be carefully controlled.

  • A TCB running as APF authorized can issue the IXLLIST macros. However, there are rules governing non-authorized tasks attaching authorized children, so you won't be able to do it from CICS' quasi-reentrant TCB. I'm not sure if this will work, but you could start the authorized TCB from the original job step, then attach CICS' main task (entry point DFHSIP) as a subtask. From there it's a matter of writing handshakes between the CICS programs and the authorized TCB.

The easiest answer may be to use some other mechanism to share data across the Sysplex. If this is a purely CICS application, shared temporary storage queue servers will do the trick. Failing that, there's everyone's favorite kluge, a shared VSAM file.

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