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CICS demo software

I am an owner/developer of a wholesale/retail firm. I would like to begin to use CICS in my organization but I have to develop some applications for it.

Before I commit to making a purchase, I would like to demo the software and see if I can build the applications I need for my business. I need to know if it is possible to get a demo/beta copy of CICS for Windows by IBM.

Well I don't want to discourage you with a downbeat reply, but you need to get in contact with your local IBM sales person who should be able to arrange to get demo copies and visit the IBM locations that do demos and such things. If you need to get in contact with Hursley for a private chat or discussion of design issues, then this IBM person should be able to arrange this for you.

If you have not got a suitable IBM person around, then put in a request via the CICS Web site (with all your details). This is the best mechanism to get someone to make contact.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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