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CICS and Kanji values--need your help

Due to UCTRAN setting in CICS, some of the DBCS characters (Japanese Kanji characters) are getting changed. This is probably due to change in Hex values.


UPPERCASE(Alaphabet-a)= ALPHABET-A( This is fine) 
UPPERCASE(KANJI-A) = KANJI-B (this is no good). 

I need to keep UCTRAN=Yes ( in order to avoid massive application changes)

Please help me with some solution where-in I can retain the Kanji values as-it-is.

CICS supports one and only one upper case translate table per region. The default table supports upper case translation for code page 037, i.e. for US English. The default table can be replaced; details can be found in the CICS Customization Guide, SC33-1683-37 for CTS 1.3; Appendix A, Uppercase translation of national characters. Japan has two classes of terminals, Katakana and Latin-1, which use different encodings for lower case Latin-1 characters. If uppercase translation is required it is important to connect Katakana terminals to a "Katakana" TOR and Latin-1 terminals to a "Latin-1" TOR. If transactions can be routed and UCTRAN is specified on the transaction definition (rather than the terminal definition) then transactions entered at a Katakana terminal must be routed to a "Katakana" AOR and so on.

Secondly, in response to the specific question that refers to DBCS characters being changed:
Examination of the module that performs the upper case translation indicates that, under certain circumstances it performs invalid translation of text between shift-out and shift-in characters; the results will depend on the upper case translation table being used.

We recommend that a PMR should be raised through Level 2 to address this problem.

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