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CICS and DUMPMASTER with abend code?

I am using CICS and DUMPMASTER. I am trying to pick up the location and abend code where the actual abend occured. At present my programs use HANDLE ABEND so I have to sacrifice either abend location or abend code from the Dump. Can you help me through this?

Well, according to Macro4's web Site, DUMPMASTERs CICS support tells you what is the failing statement in your program: thus, I'd suggest you contact the vendor with your question.

However, if the Abend Code is one of CICS', then a look at the Messages & Codes manual will tell you what CICS Module raised the abend and give a description of what caused it. This should be enough to point to something in your code which needs attention. If all else fails, turn on the Auxilary trace which will enable you to diagnose the problem.

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