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CICS and DB2 auditing

We are running CICS TS 1.3 and also DB2. For auditing and investigation purposes we need to find out periodically who may have accessed specific information in DB2 from a CICS transaction. Is there an easy way to tie a specific transaction execution to the data requested from DB2? We have private data that a user may have access to but the information is confidential and we may get reports that they haven't held the information in confidence and we need to find out who may have accessed some very specific data in DB2.

It looks like to me you have a rather open access to DB2 data and you now want to start controlling it.

I'd recommend that you start applying Security to DB2 Tables so that you can actually restrict access rather than worrying about who-did-what after the event.

CICS does not supply any exits or other facilities to intercept data returned from DB2 so that you can log it for offline activity. The closest you can get to this is to look at the SMF data and see what tables are bring accessed - but that will not help you.

I think I'd turn on DB2 Auditing functions and then drive your analysis from that end. Details about this are in the Auditing section of the DB2 Administration book.

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