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Best practices for Xen?

Expert Bernard Golden answers a question regarding best practices for Xen.

My company wants to use XEN for virtualizing of some of our RHEL systems. VMware has a very clearcut explanation of best practice for their systems (e.g., how many network cards, SAN topology, etc). I've done some searching but I can't really find anything concrete for XEN/RHEL/CentOS. What is the best practice for a XEN virtual machine?

Xen is a much newer product than VMWare and has less "best practices" material available. In terms of resources you can look at, I suggest the Xen documentation for basics; it describes the tradeoffs in different configurations, which you can look at in terms of your own situation. Also, while you're focusing on RHEL/CentOS, XenSource has documentation for their products that can be looked at for guidance. There are a couple of Xen books available that offer practical guidance as well.

Here are a few links that you might find useful:

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