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Besides MTAs, are apps available on Linux?

Are there messaging applications beyond Message Transfer Agents (MTAs)?

MTAs are commonly used for inbound/outbound internet traffic or routing between messaging servers. Enterprises have been quick to move their MTAs on Linux for a variety of reasons, including high reliability, low cost, efficient operation on low-cost computers and standards compliance. Sendmail, postfix and qmail are among the more widely available MTAs available on Linux as either open source or commercially licensed products.

Based on the early success of running MTA applications on Linux, CIOs, IT management and e-mail administrators are increasingly eager to extend the reliability, cost and manageability advantages of running MTAs on Linux to other elements of their messaging infrastructure. In fact, an "all Linux" messaging infrastructure is a reality today.

Vendors of enterprise e-mail servers, anti-spam, anti-virus, message filtering products, web email applications have also embraced Linux, and many commercial and open source products are also available on the Linux platform. Customers now have a wide range of field-tested products to choose from that are compatible with existing messaging infrastructure investments and that deliver tangible reliability and cost savings advantages.

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