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Bastille Linux vs. SELinux

Bastille Linux vs. SELinux

What is the difference between Bastille Linux and SELinux?

Bastille is certainly easier to configure than SELinux because they do two very different things. Bastille Linux is a hardening script for a variety of Linux distributions. It runs through a list of questions about security on your host and based on your answers changes configuration settings to secure your host.

SELinux uses mandatory access controls like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Multi-Level Security (MLS) to secure the Linux operating system. It operates on the principal of providing user, system programs and servers with the minimum amount of privilege required to perform their functions. Therefore if a program or server is compromised, then the damage that an attacker can cause is potentially limited to the program or server they have compromised.

Bastille is a powerful and flexible hardening tool but it cannot be compared to SELinux. They simply perform two very different functions.

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