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Any issues regarding an update of VSAM files while upgrading from CICS/TS v1.3 to 4.1?

We are in the process of upgrading to CICS/TS 1.3 from 4.1. While testing we will need to go back and forth with our 4.1 region. While testing in TS 1.3, our VSAM files will be updated. Are there any issues regarding this? Are 4.1 and TS/1.3 compatible this way? Is there documentation you can point me too that describes this?
This should be OK - as long as you are only doing it in an environment where the VSAM data is not vital : I would hope that you don't do this in a production environment.

As long as you ensure that the CICS region successfully shuts down, your VSAM file integrity should work. The problem will occur on a failure and you restart on a different release - in flight activity will not have been backed out/recovered, and this will lead to the integrity problems.

I guess you are interested in finding out how the Logger reacts to your environment, so as long as you do the logger-based recovery processing before switching back to CTS 4.1, all should be well.

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