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Advice: Migrate to CICS Transaction Server 2.2

Suggestions for a strategy to migrate to CICS Transaction Server 2.2.

Do you have any suggestions for a strategy to migrate to CICS TS 2.2 in a huge CICSplex/Parallel Sysplex installation?

We are running 3 MVS images, each with CAS, CMAS and MASs with DB2 (13 regions attached to each CMAS). There is a CMAS to CMAS connection so we have a huge CICSplex environment using DB2 data sharing and TS data sharing. Our concern is how to approach the migration from TS 1.3 to TS 2.2.

First of all, I think it might be handy for you to drop into IBM for a migration chat or at least ask your local IBM contact to get in touch with CICS.

You are going from CTS 1.3 to CTS 2.2 so all the logger migration problems have all been sorted out. This makes the migration fairly straightforward without any major hassles. I trust you have already printed my migration paper from the library section of the CICS Web site. Your concern is scheduling and availability rather than technical. As the main trust of CTS 2.2 is Java (and EJB) support most of the changes have concentrated in this area that are probably not of any interest to you.

One thing to get right is the nature of VS COBOL II modules if you are NOT using a language environment runtime in your CTS 1.3 regions, another one of my papers on the CICS Web site, these need to change to using a language environment runtime. Not immediately but this is coming with potential engender behavior differences.

I would think, but I stress I'm no migration expert, that your plan should proceed in the following steps:

* Update to the latest z/OS level
* Update CPSM facilities to the latest (CTS 2.2) level. That will mean upgrading the CPSM monitoring facilities in the existing CTS 1.3 regions
* Ensure that your CICS vendor software is upgraded
* Start upgrading the CICS regions
* Upgrade your DB2 implementations
* Start using the DB2 availability improvements (group attach)
* Start recoding your applications to use the DB2 performance improvements and ensure all the latest PTFs are applied

The CTS 2.2 SVCs can be used in the CTS 1.3 regions or duplicate SVC numbers are still available if you do not want to do this. But, you will need to consider whether or not to leave the CTS 1.3 modules in the LPA or to use the CTS 2.2 ones. That means running the CTS 1.3 regions without using any LPA-resident modules.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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