The Next-Generation Data Center

The data center is the cornerstone of today’s business, directly impacting the bottom line. Technology enables data centers and frees IT through powerful automation, intelligence and minimized downtime. Find out why it’s necessary to operate a next-generation data center to compete today—and discover how to implement one that promises to separate you from the competition.

All-Flash Data Center

To be successful today, IT must transition from a cost center to a competitive advantage – and the path to success is the data center. It is more central to business than ever before, and a true next-generation data center must be powered by all-flash. <br><br> All-flash is no longer the future; it's the present. Learn how all-flash saves your IT team time and resources with intelligent policy-based management, automation and more. Continue Reading


As organizations and deployments grow, so do the demands on the data center—and IT. With these increased expectations placed upon IT, automation is the only way to keep life manageable. Find out how automation is possible for everything from storage provisioning to management to reporting, and discover how a good user interface keeps the entire process simple. Continue Reading

Cloud Platforms

The latest cloud platforms allow customization for the unique needs of your business, enabling innovation and creating cost savings. By combining leading cloud platforms with the best in storage, you get faster performance, better security, guaranteed IOPS and more. Find out how flash enables simple, high-performance cloud services. Continue Reading

Use Cases

Technology these days is more powerful than ever, and it can solve huge problems for your organization—but only if you know how to use it correctly. <br><br> The ideal way to learn more about best practices is through specific use cases. Find out how to deploy scale-out storage to save money, the proper way to leverage IT as a service, and more. Continue Reading