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Monitor edge latency for IoT devices

Latency in edge devices can have several sources, stemming from software, network issues or old hardware. Here's how you can monitor and troubleshoot latency at the edge.


Cambridge Quantum delivers first quantum encryption keys

Cambridge Quantum, newly merged with Honeywell's Quantum Solutions division, has debuted the first as-a-service cryptographic key generator for quantum computing.


How do CPU, GPU and DPU differ from one another?

Data centers use three varieties of processing units: CPU, GPU and DPU. Learn the unique use cases for each, and how to use them in conjunction to accelerate data center workloads.


Honeywell, Cambridge Quantum form new quantum computing firm

Honeywell is merging its internal quantum computing divisions with Cambridge Quantum, forming a new company that promises to deliver a complete quantum computing software stack.

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Data Center Basics

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    CICS (Customer Information Control System)

    CICS (Customer Information Control System) is middleware that sits between the z/OS IBM mainframe operating system and business applications.

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    motherboard tattoo

    A motherboard tattoo is a colloquial term once used to denote an ID code that is written in the basic input/output system (BIOS) of a computer to uniquely identify the computer.

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    TCO (total cost of ownership)

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an estimation of the expenses associated with purchasing, deploying, using and retiring a product or piece of equipment.

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