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What does a DPU do?

Learn the basics of data processing units: What they are, what they do, who's making them and who's adopting them. Then decide whether your data center might use one someday.


Nutanix Cloud Platform, AOS 6 improve networking, security

Nutanix debuted a new version of its AOS operating system along with new networking features, looking to boost its chances in the increasingly crowded hybrid cloud market.


Pros and cons of on-site power generation for data centers

Organizations considering a move to on-site power generation should weigh drawbacks -- such as cost -- against benefits, including sustainability and increased control over power.


Evaluate air cooling vs. liquid cooling for your data center

Air cooling and liquid cooling for data centers offer different benefits and drawbacks. To decide which best suits your organization, consider the pros and cons of each.

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Data Center Basics

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    Drill down to basics with these server hardware terms

    Even with software-based data center options, it's still important to know the physical components of a server. Check out these terms to refresh your memory.

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    Learn the difference between SMP vs. MPP

    Learn the differences between the main modes of multiprocessing: SMP, AMP and MPP. Each has a distinct use case that makes it suited for different data centers and organizations.

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    A guide to mainframe retirement

    As organizations decide to retire mainframe systems, IT pros should develop a plan that addresses application migration, program replatforming, data security and hardware removal.

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