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What does a data center facility manager do?

Data center facility managers are responsible for the data center at large -- from the outside of the building to the infrastructure it houses.


Purported Intel-GlobalFoundries deal targets chip shortage

Hoping to build its chip production to better compete with TSCM and Samsung, Intel is rumored to be making a bid to acquire GlobalFoundries for $30 billion, among other moves.


Does your data center need a smart PDU?

A smart PDU can help you monitor and manage power flow more efficiently than a traditional PDU. Here's what you should consider before deciding whether to adopt.


Learn about ambient temperature sensors for data centers

Ambient temperature sensors can help you keep track of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and airflow in your data center so you can avoid downtime.

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Data Center Basics

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    hardware clustering

    Hardware clustering is a hardware-based method of turning multiple servers into a cluster (a group of servers that acts like a single system).

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    How to script a Bash Shell argument

    This tutorial teaches you how to add arguments to your Bash scripts, which can simplify and automate a variety of Linux tasks in the data center and eliminate hassle.

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    JCL (job control language)

    JCL (job control language) is a language for describing jobs (units of work) to the MVS, OS/390, and VSE operating systems, which run on IBM's S/390 large server (mainframe) computers.

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