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IBM unveils more flexible pricing model for mainframes

IBM's new Tailored Fit Pricing model gives enterprises more flexibility in the types of workloads they run on the z/OS platform.


Addressing scalability concerns with open source OSes

Linux software is expanding its use cases for data center and cloud options. Red Hat CTO Chris Wright details how the company is helping improve IT management and visibility.


IonQ takes a sci-fi approach to quantum computing

Startup IonQ is taking a decidedly sci-fi approach to quantum computing, using atoms to store information, along with sophisticated lasers to retrieve and process that data.


Solarflare Cloud Onload launched for server efficiency

Solarflare Cloud Onload, a new application acceleration platform, was designed to improve data center efficiency and remove waste from today's cloud infrastructure investments.

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    Uptime Institute’s data center tier standards

    The Uptime Institute’s data center tier standards are a standardized methodology used to determine availability in a facility.

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    How to build a successful colocation strategy

    Proper evaluation of a colocation data center means reviewing geographic location, cost structure and accessibility to ensure the facility is right for their organization.

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    A look at quantum computing concepts

    Quantum computers use atomic physics to complete extensive calculations in one minute, but you might not be familiar with some quantum computing terms. This guide offers a primer.

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