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Data center liquid cooling market heats up

As organizations increase server rack density, more C-level execs investigate liquid cooling technology. Industry experts see these systems as an operational and cost necessity.


Considerations for SIEM logging software and storage

SIEM systems aggregate a lot of data across all types of infrastructure. For regular audits, admins should address notification settings, analysis protocols and storage locations.


SIEM vs. SOAR: Key considerations for software evaluation

SIEM and SOAR tools are now seen as complementary to each other, but key differences in purpose and features may determine which one you decide to use in your data center.


Tools and tips to track server power consumption

Server power requirements differ for each organization, but it's still essential to monitor peak loads and track how much power your servers consume to avoid outages.

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    Top components of a UPS testing checklist

    There are several levels of testing to address when developing a UPS maintenance checklist. Be sure to conduct visual, thermal and load tests to verify UPS health.

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    A guide to cloud repatriation costs

    The costs associated with cloud repatriation go beyond the migration itself. IT managers must account for any new hardware, backup requirements and available skilled personnel.

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    Advances in server hardware components speed up data centers

    Server hardware has consistently evolved since the 1980s. Now, IT professionals can implement the latest in CPU and GPU technology in their ever-growing data centers.

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