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Supercomputing, grid computing, high performance computing. Whatever you call it, clustering computers to act as...

a single server increases an organization's ability to perform specialized tasks ranging from solving an environmental crisis to studying fusion.

In this guide to implementing high performance computing (HPC), you'll find news, tips and advice on data center applications for grid clusters, including advice on integrating mainframes and Web services into your grid computing strategy.


  Supercomputer applications risks and rewards  

PNNL seeks supercomputer to battle radioactive plume
Pacific Northwest National Labs is replacing its four-year-old supercomputer. Its replacement will be used to tackle environmental remediation and sustainable energy.

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory photos
Here is a slideshow of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, including its data center.

Grid computing and security uncertainties 
As companies consider grid computing services, security pros must be mindful of the benefits and drawbacks, and where that usage fits within an organization's security strategy.

Grid computing and Web services 
In this tip, William Brogden characterizes the types of grid technology and indicates where grid computing and Web services may compliment each other.

Analysts see SOA, virtualization, and Grid merge
SOA, virtualization and Grid computing are converging, according to 451 Group analysts. They predict that Grid computing will be so closely identified with SOA and virtualization in 2007 that the term Grid will eventually be replaced in product names in favor of virtual and service-oriented.


  Grid computing and Linux  

Linux clusters vs. grids
Can Linux clusters outperform grid computing? Expert Ken Milberg compares them -- covering Beowulf, HPC, Linux Virtual Server -- and chooses a winner.

Oracle's Red Hat support plan could advance grid computing, say experts 
Oracle's plan to support Red Hat's open source Linux distribution could go a long way toward helping to increase adoption of grid computing, according to experts.


  High performance computing hardware  

Optimize HPC systems in your data center
High-performance computing is changing enterprise data centers by maximizing big data processing, cloud-based architectures and massive volumes of data. Here are five ways to maximize HPC applications.

HP adds blades to high performance computing portfolio
Hewlett-Packard says its BladeSystem c-Class servers are ideal for high-performance compute clusters.

Sun ramps up for commercial high-performance computing growth 
Sun's director of high-performance computing (HPC) Bjorn Andersson says more commercial companies are interested in HPC.

Dell services target the hyperscale data center 
Dell is eyeing large cloud computing data centers with built-to-order hardware, capacity planning and deployment services.

Sun boosts its utility computing backbone
Sun upgrades to the third architecture for its utility computing platform with new networking equipment from Force10.

Does the mainframe play a role in grid computing?
A grid computing effort that includes the mainframe can focus on improving grid robustness and introducing mission-critical applications to the grid.

Infiniband update: Manageability and vendor support
Infiniband is being pushed into the data center, especially for shops clustering servers for high-transaction applications.

Server Specs: Microsoft ready for HPC launch
Server Specs: Microsoft to release software package that runs high-performance computing (HPC) applications in parallel

Linux grid takes out firm's aging mainframe
After decades on a mainframe, the U.S.'s oldest automotive information and metrics provider looked to Linux on a grid for an elegant -- and fast -- money-saving alternative.

This was last published in June 2007
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