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  • Good network cable management to avoid damage

    Ripping out floors and walls can endanger data center cabling. But with a little network cable management effort, renovations can improve the network.

  • Why you should evaluate software-defined networking now

    Software-defined networks help shape traffic patterns, keep reins on virtual machines and can transform the private cloud into a hybrid model. But what is the maturity level of SDN? What do you need to do to prepare your IT...

  • Making SSL decryption and other networking choices in cloud deployments

    Cloud networking shakes up network infrastructure management, such as how an enterprise handles SSL decryption.

  • How to choose a micro data center in rugged locations

    Modular data centers house a full complement of server, storage, networking and environmental controls, and they're getting smaller and smaller.

    Containerized data centers let businesses set up local computing resources when building a...

  • Changes in SDN technologies can improve network management

    SDN is evolving to ease anxieties caused by complicated network provisioning. Enterprises will be able to manage their networks more efficiently.

  • TCP offload's promises and limitations for enterprise networks

    TCP offload products free up limited CPU resources in network-intensive data centers. But TCP offload is no panacea and can introduce more problems.

  • IT's vendor evaluation criteria change -- again

    Rely on a single IT vendor, or manage an increasingly diverse but best-of-breed computing environment? IT managers would like to standardize and simplify, but technology's rapid evolution throws a wrench into the works.

    Mobility, cloud...

  • Converged solutions are simply not simple

    I've been thinking a lot about two areas of IT: complexity and convergence, which have a lot to do with each other.

    Collectively, we operate some very complicated infrastructures, which make many aspects of IT difficult. With a massive...

  • Flash memory storage speeds past slow write cliffs

    Slow write speeds coupled with higher costs--compared to hard drive arrays-- scared many enterprises away from using solid-state or flash memory storage. Now, however, many organizations are beginning to take a fresh look. What's...

  • Database performance tuning: Five ways for IT to save the day

    When database performance takes a turn for the worse, IT can play the hero.

    Production database performance can slow dramatically as both data and the business grow. Whenever a key database slows down, widespread business damage can...

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