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  • Linux stream

    A Linux stream is information traveling in a Linux shell from one process to another via a pipe, or from one file to another via a redirect.

  • Chapter excerpt: Keeping Linux safe with root privileges

    Privileged users have superpowers that keep Linux secure. Learn how to configure and run commands with root privileges in this free book excerpt.

  • New administrators' primer: Linux vi commands

    New Linux administrators will need to master a core cadre of vi (or vim) text editor commands. Start with the basics, then explore other vi commands.

  • Basic Linux commands for new Linux server administrators

    To manage Linux servers, administrators need a set of basic commands to view and start processes, as well as utilities that make life a little easier.

  • Linux careers expand, prove lucrative for qualified IT pros

    The Linux job market is hot, but how do you get a lucrative Linux career?

  • Using tmpfs to disentangle Linux servers from unnecessary file storage

    A RAM file system isn't real, but its benefits are: It allows Linux servers to store temporary files without taking up disk space.

  • Linux kernel panic

    Linux kernel panic occurs when the operating system discovers a potentially fatal error that affects the Linux kernel.

  • Five best Linux applications for enterprises

    Linux has been a part of the enterprise back end for a long time and is becoming more prevalent in the office-side of businesses, from small businesses to major enterprises. So, what are the best Linux applications for IT managers and business...

  • Linux swappiness

    Linux swappiness is the rate at which a Linux platform's kernel moves pages into and out of active memory.

  • The civilized way to use Linux kill signals to shut down processes

    When a process fails, go for the kill. You know how to start and stop Linux services, but what happens when you need to kill one?

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