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  • Data center manager jobs require far more than IT experience

    IT professionals tasked with managing a corporate data center face enormous challenges, including system integration, automation, security and even facilities concerns. It's a pressure-filled role that can make or break a modern...

  • Need-to-know IT job requirements

    New platforms like cloud computing are reshaping the IT job market, leaving some skills obsolete and others absolute requirements.

  • Linux careers expand, prove lucrative for qualified IT pros

    The Linux job market is hot, but how do you get a lucrative Linux career?

  • Third platform IT job skills in demand

    Companies that are on board with cloud, big data, social and mobile trends seek IT pros with third platform skills, but those IT job skills are rare.

  • What do SaaS implementations mean for IT?

    Essential business functions are being delegated to SaaS providers, changing IT's major job functions as the "fix it" team.

  • Chief digital officer IT jobs emerge to bridge IT and end users

    Traditional IT job roles are evolving, and new jobs like the chief digital officer have emerged to help companies move to mobile and cloud computing.

  • microserver

    A microserver (micro-server) is a small form-factor system-on-a-chip (SoC) server. 

    Microservers are less expensive and have less processing power than...

  • IT's vendor evaluation criteria change -- again

    Rely on a single IT vendor, or manage an increasingly diverse but best-of-breed computing environment? IT managers would like to standardize and simplify, but technology's rapid evolution throws a wrench into the works.

    Mobility, cloud...

  • Traditional IT silos face a hostile software-defined environment

    Virtualization has made application hosting and server utilization easier than ever, but the simplicity ends there. A software-defined data center environment will pick up where virtualization left off.

    IT personnel no longer need to...

  • The past, present and future of top data center components

    The first state-of-the-art aftermarket disk drives wouldn't even store a handful of high-resolution images from a digital camera today. In the future, more sophisticated technologies will bring petabyte storage to the average data center, and...

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