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  • Data center manager jobs require far more than IT experience

    IT professionals tasked with managing a corporate data center face enormous challenges, including system integration, automation, security and even facilities concerns. It's a pressure-filled role that can make or break a modern...

  • Need-to-know IT job requirements

    New platforms like cloud computing are reshaping the IT job market, leaving some skills obsolete and others absolute requirements.

  • Improve IT recruiting with the four Ps

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Finding the right IT talent can be one of the most complex problems a business can face, but there are a few tactics that can improve IT recruiting.

    It's getting harder to fill IT jobs with qualified candidates, and the...

  • Data center books to bring to the beach

    Sitting on the beach wishing you could read more about Linux, incident management and other data center technology topics?

    We've compiled a shortlist of this year's hottest data center books for you to take in while soaking up the sun. So...

  • The six best data center careers you've never heard of

    Cloud and other IT megatrends change how the data center operates, fostering new opportunities.

    Change also creates new challenges. Many CIOs are struggling to hire IT staff, especially professionals with the right skill sets, which go...

  • Third platform IT job skills in demand

    Companies that are on board with cloud, big data, social and mobile trends seek IT pros with third platform skills, but those IT job skills are rare.

  • Consolidation is key: IT management best practices

    Got departments buying ERP software as a service, rampant virtual-machine sprawl and a server room in the Idaho branch office with chronic uptime problems? Here's how to set up a centralized, uniform IT infrastructure.

    IT management best...

  • Linux careers expand, prove lucrative for qualified IT pros

    The Linux job market is hot, but how do you get a lucrative Linux career?

  • Share data at all levels with IBM's name/token service

    The IBM NTS functionality is extremely useful, but has its quirks that inhibit mainframe programmers.

    IBM's name/token services (NTS) provide functionality for the ancient mainframe problem of anchoring common data structures outside of...

  • What to look for in a Tier III data center provider

    If you need a highly available colocation facility or infrastructure, platform or software as a service, consider data centers that meet Tier III requirements.

    A Tier III data center facility, as ranked by...

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