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  • access layer

    In the Cisco hierarchial model, also known as the hierarchial internetworking model, the access layer is responsible for providing end user devices with a connection to network resources. 

    The access layer, which is the lowest level...

  • Hyperconvergence promises simplicity, but at what cost?

    Hyperconvergence platforms are Lego-like systems, easy to set up, scale and integrate with virtualization platforms.

    These hyperconvergence products are gaining in popularity and adding features and functions as more vendors get in on the...

  • Data center books to bring to the beach

    Sitting on the beach wishing you could read more about Linux, incident management and other data center technology topics?

    We've compiled a shortlist of this year's hottest data center books for you to take in while soaking up the sun. So...

  • Cisco Live 2014

    Cisco Live 2014 took place May 18-22 in San Francisco. Find out all the news here.

  • How many VMs per host is too many?

    Can your server handle the number of virtual machines it's hosting?

    Hosting virtual machines (VMs) en masse is increasingly...

  • Cisco Whiptail buy affirms role for SSDs in server hardware

    Data center pros increasingly see SSDs as table stakes in the server market. In this atmosphere, Cisco purchased SSD integrator Whiptail.

  • The six best data center careers you've never heard of

    Cloud and other IT megatrends change how the data center operates, fostering new opportunities.

    Change also creates new challenges. Many CIOs are struggling to hire IT staff, especially professionals with the right skill sets, which go...

  • What's happening in data center energy management

    New equipment, tools and business strategies will rein in run-away IT energy costs, the biggest operating expense in the data center.

    Data center energy management requires a multi-pronged approach: power-sipping hardware, tools that...

  • A software-defined networking reality check for potential adopters

    Software-defined environment chatter is flooding the network market, making it hard to find the real technologies and...

  • Hyperconvergence tackles storage and server strain

    The simplicity of all-in-one data center offerings makes hyperconvergence popular with smaller businesses. After spending more than a decade selling IT shops on the benefits of separate server and storage environments, IT infrastructure vendors...

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