The best data center systems management tools of 2006

Products of the Year 2006:

Systems management tools

Bronze Award:

VMware Infrastructure 3

VMware Infrastructure 3

VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) is a powerful software suite that empowers enterprises and small businesses alike to optimize and manage their IT environments through virtualization. VI3 virtualizes and aggregates industry-standard servers and their attached network and storage into unified resource pools. Complete environments including operating systems and applications are encapsulated in virtual machines that are independent from the hardware.

VMware Infrastructure 3 incorporates features that can help manage enterprise systems:

  • VMware VirtualCenter delivers centralized management, operational automation, resource optimization and high availability to IT environments. Additionally, VirtualCenter exposes a rich set of programmatic Web service interfaces that enable integration with third-party system management products as well as customized development.
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMotion Technology dynamically aggregate hardware resources into logical resource pools and are designed to optimally allocate them to applications running in virtual machines. When a virtual machine experiences an increased load, VMware DRS automatically allocates additional resources by redistributing virtual machines among the physical servers.
  • VMware High Availability (HA) is designed to eliminate single points of hardware failure by automatically relocating and restarting virtual machines. It is designed to provide uniform high availability across the entire virtualized IT environment without the cost and complexity of failover solutions tied to either operating systems or specific applications.
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