The best data center backup power products of 2006

Products of the Year 2006:

Backup power

Bronze Award:

Liebert FS 190kW Flywheel System

Liebert FS 190kW Flywheel System

This kinetic energy storage system is designed to provide ride-through power and voltage stabilization during power disturbances. When needed, the DC energy stored in its rotating flywheel is immediately converted to useful DC power.

The unit can be used as the sole back-up DC energy source or with conventional battery strings and /or AC generator sets. When used in parallel with batteries, the flywheel system eliminates their use for short power fluctuations, saving battery capacity for longer outages.

The FS 190kW is configured as a two terminal DC energy storage system and provides a functional replacement or supplement for a bank of chemical batteries. Like a standard battery, it is charged from the two terminal UPS DC bus and returns up to 190 kW of power to the same DC bus whenever the bus voltage drops below a programmable threshold level.

In a battery-less configuration, when used with a generator, the advanced flywheel technology provides 67 kW of backup power and voltage stabilization for up to 37 seconds when used with an 80 kVA Liebert Npower UPS, or 190 kW of power for up to 13 seconds with a 225 kVA Liebert 610 UPS. A flywheel placed in parallel with a battery plant will provide power for brief utility power outages, saving the battery plant for longer outages.

The flywheel, manufactured and designed for Liebert by Calif.-based Pentadyne, itself is a high-speed, carbon fiber composite rotor rotating in a vacuum. The flywheel and rotating group is fully levitated and centered by an active magnetic bearing system that minimizes idling losses and eliminates mechanical bearing maintenance and replacement. The unit's motor-generator is a synchronous reluctance type that is designed to minimize idling losses and standby power consumption.

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