The best data center backup power of 2006

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Backup power

Gold Award:

CoolAir UPS by Active Power

CoolAir UPS by Active Power

CoolAir UPS is an environmentally friendly UPS solution based on Active Power's revolutionary Thermal & Compressed Air Storage (TACAS) technology. This UPS system provides backup power and backup cooling. CoolAir UPS boasts a 20-year lifespan and low maintenance needs. The system provides a minute to minute alternative to battery-based UPS solutions without any of batteries' limitations.

Utilizing breathing grade compressed air as the energy storage medium, CoolAir UPS is non-hazardous and has no disposal issues typically associated with lead acid battery based solutions. Available from 20 - 100kVA in single modules and with a capability to parallel 8 UPS modules, CoolAir UPS provides a perfect power protection for small to medium data centers.

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