Mainframe migration projects

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  • Guide to mainframe performance


  • Modernizing mainframe environments

    Expert Wayne Kernochan covers how to modernize mainframe applications as well as how to migrate off the mainframe. The steps offered in these tips can help lower IT costs and bring competitive advantages. 

  • Mainframe migration quiz

    Mainframe migration is a complex topic, with lots for data center managers to consider. After looking at the fast guide we made, take this quiz to see how much you learned. 

  • VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method )

    VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method ) is a file management system for IBM's larger operating systems, including its primary mainframe operating system, MVS, now called OS/390. (...Continued) 

About Mainframe migration projects

Mainframe migration projects can be a nightmare. See how other companies have dealt with moving off the mainframe and weigh the pros and cons.