IT Governance: ITIL, ITSM, COBIT

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  • green computing

    Green computing is the use of computers and related resources in an environmentally responsible manner. This involves the implementation of energy-efficient central processing units (CPUs), servers and peripherals as well as proper disposal of electr... 

  • modular datacenter

    Sun Microsystems' Modular Datacenter (known as "Project Blackbox" in the prototype phase) is a mobile and virtualized data center packaged in a standard 20-foot shipping container... (Continued) 

  • PCI Express (PCIe or PCI-E)

    PCI Express (PCIe or PCI-E) is a high speed expansion card format that connects a computer with its attached peripherals. PCI Express was developed by Intel Corp. in 2004 to replace the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) and PCI-X expansion buse... 

  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)

    The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized collection of best practices for information technology (IT) service management. The United Kingdom's Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) created the... 

  • lights-out management (LOM)

    Lights-out management (LOM) is the ability for a system administrator to monitor and manage servers by remote control. 

  • epoch

    In a computing context, an epoch is the date and time relative to which a computer's clock and timestamp values are determined. 

  • e-cycling

    E-cycling is the practice of reusing, or distributing for reuse, electronic equipment and components rather than discarding them at the end of their life cycle. 

  • raceway

    A raceway is an enclosed conduit that forms a physical pathway for electrical wiring... (Continued) 

About IT Governance: ITIL, ITSM, COBIT

IT governance tutorials: ITIL, ITSM and COBIT -- learn how to implement an ITIL framework in your data center with these tips and tools.