Data center energy efficiency

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  • Why the perfect DCIM software is still a dream deferred

    There is a lot of hype surrounding DCIM monitoring tools, but DCIM has inherent limitations. Here are the top five challenges hampering DCIM adoption. 

  • How silicon photonics is helping to reshape servers and racks

    Optical interconnects turn server designs inside out. The use of silicon photonics will send optical signals on a long-distance journey without loss. 

  • geothermal cooling

    Geothermal cooling is a type of renewable energy system that moves heat from a building to below the earth’s surface, using the ground like a heatsink. Geothermal systems cool in much the same way that they heat, moving hot air through a geothermal h... 

  • geothermal energy

    Geothermal energy is renewable, clean power derived from the thermal energy in subterranean earth. The earth’s thermal energy is created by the decay of radioactive elements in the earth along with the heat from the sun and that remaining from the ea... 

  • Can DCIM bring facilities and systems management together?

    The latest technologies for DCIM and other building systems management promise better integration between systems performance monitoring and facilities operations. With these tools, IT admins can gain a better view of data center functions, but the m... 

  • carbon tax

    A carbon tax is a levy charged as a penalty for the emission of greenhouse gases, caused by burning hydrocarbons. Carbon taxes can be seen as a disincentive tax for the consumption of oil and gas energy. All fossil fuels, such as gasoline, natural ga... 

  • TechWatch: Why your data center might need a fuel cell generator

    You may know fuel cell technology from following NASA space missions, but that same clean, quiet generator could help your data center's power demand. 

  • What’s the true cost of helium disk drives?

    The IT industry talks the talk on green computing, but talk is cheap. New helium disk drives promise better capacity, but at what environmental cost? 

  • solar power

    Solar power is the use of the sun’s energy either thermally or through the use of photovoltaic cells in solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass to generate electricity. Standard photovoltaic solar panels are the most efficient application of ... 

  • What PernixData FVP says about flash memory storage's future

    Flash memory storage and data center automation take center stage in this inaugural podcast with 'Modern Infrastructure' editors.