Data center energy efficiency

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  • Dean Nelson brings power to the people: Five data center game changers

    Dean Nelson, Ebay's data center chief, is one of five data center professionals changing the industry. In this ifirst nterview of a series on data center game changers, he describes how end users can flip the industry on its head. 

  • Data center energy efficiency guide

    In an already troubled economy, IT managers face growing energy costs and surging data center carbon emissions. In this all-inclusive guide, learn how to improve data center energy efficiency through methods such as maximizing server efficiency and e... 

  • Andrew Fanara leaves the EPA Energy Star program

    Until recently, Andrew Fanara, ran the EPA's data center Energy Star program. In this interview, he discusses his departure and whether Energy Star has a credibility problem. 

  • Data center transformer types and the K-Factor

    The K-Factor system rates data center transformers, and the typical options are K-1, K-13 and K-20. Consider purchase price and potential cost savings when choosing a transformer. 

  • Which data center power distribution voltage should you use?

    As power density rises, IT departments are reconsidering which data center power voltage to use. This tip covers power distribution options and which factors to consider to make the best choice for your data center. 

  • Energy Star

    Energy Star is a government-backed labeling program that helps people and organizations save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying factories, office equipment, home appliances and electronics that have superior energy efficiency. (... 

  • Saving data center power just by buying new IT equipment

    Data center managers can gain back power capacity simply by going through the normal IT refresh cycle, which tends to bring in more efficient equipment. 

  • Load balance your data center to find untapped power capacity

    Load balancing data center power can be a good way to gain untapped capacity. 

  • Finding untapped power in the data center

    Many data center managers think they're out of power in their facility, or close to it. But there are many ways to regain capacity. Some of them are on the facility side, and some of them are on the IT side, and none of them are that difficult. 

  • Server virtualization: A way to save data center facility power

    Server virtualization can be a big data center power saver