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  • Consolidating operating systems

    This chapter examines the role of operating systems within a multi-vendor data center, and how software and personnel are intertwined within an organization. In an ideal world, training wouldn't be attached to a tangible cost. Since expenditures do ... Continue Reading

  • Cutting data center power costs

    Reining in energy costs is one of the top concerns for data center managers everywhere. And since power consumption represents a significant cost for organizations, data center managers need to have solutions in mind when they get called into ... Continue Reading

  • Guide to managing data center costs and the IT budget

    Daily data center operations, upgrades and purchases cost a business a lot of money. Save some dough -- and get value for your IT spend -- with these tips. Continue Reading

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  • Sourcing the modern data center

    Significant IT expenditures can represent a make-or-break moment for the department, especially in this economic climate. In terms of selecting data center hardware, planning can go a long way, and selecting the right mix helps to minimize waste and... Continue Reading

  • Multi-vendor data center

    There are a number of ways for IT to ease the process of managing a multi-vendor data center. This e-book series examines the best practices for vetting vendors, integrating new technology into the data center and training personnel effectively on ... Continue Reading

  • Are you getting swindled on the price of storage arrays?

    At some point, you will need to carry out a forklift upgrade, but a little scrutiny during purchasing can ensure that this is the exception, not the rule. Continue Reading

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