Data Center Infrastructure: Servers Networking, Storage and OSes

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  • hyper-converged network

    A hyper-converged network is a network that combines compute and storage network resources into a single preconfigured stack, server or brick with heavy use of virtualization. Typically, a hyper-converged network is built on server hardware that uses virtualized storage, unifying all hard disks or SSD’s into a single storage stack.

  • Reap the benefits of private cloud, gradually

    Many corporations are switching to a private cloud, which doesn't have to be a dramatic transition. Follow these tips to an easy private cloud move.

  • Hyperconvergence promises simplicity, but at what cost?

    Hyperconvergence brings a building-block approach to the data center, but these proprietary systems are worth investigating.

  • To converge or not: Drama-free infrastructure solutions for IT

    Some IT pros look at mainframes as converged infrastructure. Some see the flexibility and scalability of server farms, or outsourcing to MSPs and CSPs, and ask, why bother investing in more data center infrastructure? What are the use cases for a converged infrastructure product, and what does the ROI look like today?

  • Hyperconvergence emerges as a data center building block

    Hyperconvergence is succeeding converged infrastructure technology for data centers that are fast, efficient and more hands-off for IT teams. This building-block approach bundles servers, storage and sometimes networking, which can be convenient -- but can also lead to the often-dreaded vendor lock-in.

    Hyperconverged systems go beyond CI by adding grid software and a management interface. Smaller companies, or those seeking a simpler IT environment, are interested in hyperconvergence for scalability and easier management. Leading systems vendors are getting in on the action too, adding to the momentum for hyperconvergence.

    Also in this May issue of Modern Infrastructure: The software-defined networking hype continues, but there's real technology available now. Plus, the latest on database availability finds that in-memory processing is more doable and more affordable than it used to be.

  • A software-defined networking reality check for potential adopters

    Software-defined environments moved from concept to shipping products recently, so it's time to learn about SDN vendor offerings and their roadmaps.

  • Hyperconvergence tackles storage and server strain

    Hyperconverged systems are succeeding converged infrastructure products as the latest in all-in-one data center offerings.

  • Hyper-convergence should solve data capacity, mobility issues

    Hyper-converged offerings are starting to gain ground, but what's true hyper-convergence? What problems does it solve?

  • The hyper-convergence trend will demand new job skills

    Hyper-convergence can reduce operating expenses, so it's important to improve your administration skills to stay relevant.

  • Hyperconvergence tackles storage and server strain

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