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Data Center Decisions 2008 conference coverage

Data Center Decisions 2008 took place Oct. 23-24 in Chicago. Here's new coverage and video of the keynotes, product announcements and more from the show floor.

Data Center Decisions conference coverage

Data Center Decisions 2008 took place Oct. 23-24 in Chicago. Here's coverage of the keynotes, product announcements and more from the show floor.


Reducing power consumption: Data Center Decisions keynote
At Data Center Decisions, keynote speaker Matt Stansberry explained the importance of metrics and benchmarks to reducing power consumption.

Economic downturn's effect on colos
Digital Realty Trust weighs in on the economic downturn and its effect on colocated facilities.

Common data center hurdles: Cooling and power distribution problems
A data center manager discusses his primary problems: aging AC units and not-so-green hardware.

The economic downturn's effect on data centers
Ron Witt, an operating systems analyst, discussses the possible impact of a slumping economy on data centers, which was a key theme at Data Center Decisions.


Data center cost savings isn't just about power consumption
At the Data Center Decisions conference, Ken Brill emphasized that in data center cost savings there are bigger fish to fry than savings on a power bill.

Data center managers face major technology shifts
Data center operators now face massive technology shifts, from virtualization and cloud computing to managing power consumption, counseled the keynote speaker at the Data Center Decisions conference.

Data center site selection is art and science, says Digital Realty Trust
At Data Center Decisions, Digital Realty Trust warned that, in data center site selection, data centers fail to focus on central factors or focus on irrelevant factors.

Energy Star rating for servers: Will it slow the effect of Moore's law?
Will the Environmental Protection Agency's new Energy Star rating for servers slow down the effects of Moore's law on the price of processing power? Ken Brill of the Uptime Institute mulled this idea at Data Center Decisions.


Virtualization for test labs
A virtualization expert explains how virtualized environments can be cost-effective alternatives in creating test labs in this video from Data Center Decisions 2008.

Virtualization and systems management
Andi Mann of Enterprise Management Associates discusses virtualization systems management from the floor of the Data Center Decisions conference.

ROI and virtualization outcomes, part 1
Andi Mann of Enterprise Management Associates discussses virtualization concerns for data centers in his address at Data Center Decisions. He continues in ROI and virtualization outcomes, part 2 and ROI and virtualization outcomes, part 3.

Upcoming VMware vLockstep to prevent downtime
A virtualization expert explains VMware's vlLockstep, an upcoming high-availability feature in VMware ESX to prevent downtime by replicating memory and applications over to a "ghost" guest virtual machine.

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