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Romancing the Penguin, part 2 (The Lovers)

Now that you've met the cast of characters in this continuing drama (ok, it's just four weekly quizzes) it's time to get to the romance part. (Sigh) Just who is romancing the penguin? Many companies have turned their attention to Linux and are jumping on the open source bandwagon in a big way. This week we'll provide you with clues about the suitors and ask you to indentify who they are.

This week's burning question: Exactly who is romancing the penguin? We bet you'll be surprised. Many well-known companies have turned their attention to Linux and are jumping on the open source bandwagon in a big way. This week we'll provide you with clues about the penguin's suitors and ask you to indentify who they are.

1. This company loves Linux so much it's building a Linux-based supercomputer. When it's completed, it will consist...

of a group of machines that will occupy 64 full racks and operate at about 360 teraflops. Hint: A smaller, prototype version, called Blue Gene/L, has been clocked at a peak speed of 2 teraflops. Who is it?

2. Founded in 1992, this German Linux distribution provider became a business unit of Novell, Inc. in January of 2004.
Who is it?

3. This company has a rocky relationship with the penguin. In 2001, their CEO called Linux a "cancer" and an "intellectual property destroyer".
Who is it?

4. This company began romancing the penguin with its OpenView Network Node Manager software – now it's announced it plans to add new products such as a Linux-based systems management server and software that can be used to control Wi-Fi and voice-over-IP networks.
Who is it?

5. This company delivers compatibility between Linux and Unix by using "Java Everywhere".
Who is it?

6. In response to two years of legal challenges from Microsoft, this operating system had to change its name. Microsoft claimed that its old name, "Lindows," is too close to their trademarked "Windows" and might prove confusing for some customers.
Who is it?

7. A recent book published by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution alleges that Linus Torvalds stole code from this small operating system, which is now owned by the Prentice Hall publishing company. Critics charge that Prentice Hall is just after the penguin's potential earning power.
Who is it?

8. The business model for this colorful Linux distributor is often taught in business schools as a shining example of how a company took "free" software and successfully sold it as a product.
Who is it?

9. Ian Murdock fell in love with the penguin in 1993 when he began distributing this popular and freely-available computer OS that uses the Linux kernel and other program components obtained from the GNU project. Hint: he named the development project after his wife Debra and himself.
Who is it?

10. GNOME, KDE and Mozilla are three attempts to reach what many Linux lovers feel is the holy grail – not just to have Linux servers dominating the IT landscape, but also to have Linux on every ______________.
What is it?

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