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Romancing the penguin -- Do you speak geek?

In this week's action-packed adventure, you find yourself surrounded by jaguars, panthers and vicious penguins. Can you speak their language and survive in the IT jungle?

Grab your Indiana Jones hat and favorite whip. In this week's action-packed adventure, you find yourself stranded...

in the land of geeks, surrounded by jaguars, panthers and vicious penguins. Can you speak their language and survive the IT jungle? Tally your score and check the answer key at the end of the quiz to discover your fate and win a prize.

1. This open source build tool is so-named because "It's a little thing that can build big things."
What is it?

2. AKA wildebeest -- but not in the IT context, where it's an open source operating system.
What is it?

3. Presto Change-o! This programmable card can represent any of the multitude of cards in your lizardskin wallet.
What is it?

4. This nasty bit of programming hides within apparently innocuous coding to ambush your system.
What is it?

5. Apparently not extinct, this is a program that converts the formal description of a computer language grammar into a C language program.
What is it?

6. Named in honor of a comedy troupe, this interpreted, object-oriented programming language has gained popularity because of its clear syntax and readability.
What is it?

7. This type of programming's name comes from a Latin word meaning slimy liquid or poison.
What is it?

8. You might see its counterpart in a garden: it's a graphical user interface (GUI) with an accompanying set of computer desktop applications.
What is it?

9. Linux is widely known by its mascot, but not everyone knows the chilly fellow's name.
What is it?

10. Humans are animals too! This one was responsible for the concepts underlying the relational database.
Who is it?

Answer key:

8-10 correct: Congratulations! With your skills, you will live to fight another day.
4-7 correct: Your self-esteem may be wounded, but you probably will survive.
0-3 correct: Sorry! You're the penguin's breakfast.

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