State of the Data Center: 2011

State of the Data Center: 2011

In early 2011, released the Data Center Decisions 2011 survey to gauge trends and understand the factors that influence data center evolution in today's enterprise. We received more than 1,000 responses from IT professionals spanning numerous roles within the enterprise. In this special report series, we analyze what this data means and take a look at how the numbers compare to our 2010 findings. The articles in our State of the Data Center: 2011 report series examine several facets of data center design and management to identify interesting trends and surprising revelations about the state of IT operations across many industries.

Table of contents:

Server technology and operating systems

As server technology continues to change, so do the buying habits of IT professionals. In the first part of our special report series, we examine what type of server technology and operating systems administrators are choosing for their environments and what factors have influenced their choices

Virtualization and cloud computing

Server virtualization and consolidation have revolutionized data centers, but not everyone sees the advantages. In this article, we dig through the numbers to find out how IT professionals are using virtualization in their data centers, and why some say they still have no plans to virtualize.

Data center facilities

Power and cooling expenses represent enormous pieces of a data center's operating budget. In this article, we look at how IT professionals are addressing the power and cooling needs of their data centers and find out what they are doing to curtail costs and work towards "greener" facilities.

Systems management and services

Even with the right tools, managing a data center can be overwhelming. In this portion of our special report series, we reveal which tasks IT professionals hope that systems management tools will help with and which types of tools they are actually buying.

Survey demographics

IT professionals from a variety of industries responded to our 2011 Data Center Decisions Survey, giving us a broad look into the state of data center technology and management.