Quick guide to data center storage architecture

Quick guide to data center storage architecture

In this guide, learn what you need to know about modern data center storage techniques.

The cooling infrastructure, servers and networking aren't the only places that need careful planning and thought. An enterprise must consider the type of data center storage architecture when buying new or upgrading storage.

A shop that runs on virtual servers may benefit from a different storage setup than a shop with traditional servers.

Table of contents:

Defining data center storage architecture

Good storage infrastructure is important in any data center. If your business is in the market for more, new or better storage, it might help to know the different types out there as well as a few other terms. Here's a list to get you started.

Data center storage considerations

With the price of SSDs coming down, and energy costs rising, there are considerations beyond just the amount of storage to buy. Here are a few tips that will help with the decision-making process.

How will SSD benefit data centers?
How much energy does storage use?
Which type of storage is best for virtualization?
Storage as a Service and cloud storage on the rise

Troubleshooting storage issues

Once your business has decided on a storage architecture, it's time to install. Before you do, however, take a look at these tips to avoid potential configuration issues before they arise.

Avoiding storage bottlenecks
Configuring hard drives for virtual servers
Improving local storage on virtual servers