Guide to IT operations outsourcing

Guide to IT operations outsourcing

We've put together some links that will lay out some definitions and help you navigate the rocky shoals of data center outsourcing.

The idea of outsourcing IT operations isn't new. As the need for handling big data grows, it may gain traction and make inroads to new industries. From small IT shops to large, running an in-house data center may be more work than an enterprise wants to handle. While moving some of your IT shop's operations can be a money and time-saver, there are things to look for when choosing an outsourcing vendor.

Table of contents:

Learn the lingo of outsourced IT operations

Before you make the decision to outsource some or all of your enterprise's IT operations, make sure you know the terms. Here are a few handy terms to get you started.

What you should know before you outsource IT operations

Now that you know the jargon of data center outsourcing, how can you put it to good use? Take a look at what IT operations can be outsourced.

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