Dealing with the deluge: A guide to 'big data'

The data center guide to 'big data'

Many enterprises use "big data" to guide business decisions, but what does it mean from the perspective of data center personnel? This guide helps systems administrators wrap their arms around common issues as they wrestle with the enormous size of big data.

Table of contents:

Test your big data knowledge

What is big data? You might know more than you think you do. This quiz lets you see if your big data infrastructure knowledge is up to speed.

Quiz: 'Big data,' little...

Once you know what defines big data, it's time to figure out why it matters to your enterprise. This quiz on big data and business intelligence tackles those issues.

Business intelligence...

Big data technology terms

The draw of big data for many enterprises is picking up potential trends -- from customer buying habits and social media information -- and capitalizing on them before your competitor has a chance to. However, it's important to understand some of the tech terms behind big data collection and analytics.

How big data is managed and analyzed

There's a difference between collecting and storing large amounts of data and turning it into useable information. This video discusses how to make that move from management to analytics.

Another video features a big data expert who discusses the size of big data itself and how it affects data center storage management.

This article talks about the pros and cons of using data silos to control the flow of information from big data.

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