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Data Center All-in-One Guides:

All-in-One Guides

  • Data center design and infrastructure guide

    This All-In-One Guide on data center design and infrastructure offers information for managing data center facilities. If you're looking to build a new data center, check out our tips on data center room design, power and cooling infrastructure and energy efficiency.

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  • Data center systems management

    Whether you are implementing virtualization for a data center consolidation, migrating off the mainframe or completing user transaction services, data center managers need to understand systems management fundamentals. That's why we've put together this data center systems management All-in-one guide. This tutorial covers Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), change and configuration management and capacity planning.

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  • Green Data Center All-In-One Guide

    Building a green data center infrastructure, limiting server power consumption and extending the lifecycle of data center equipment are necessary strategies for saving money on information technology and data center facilities-related costs. This green data center All-In-One Guide offers tips and advice about green computing, energy efficiency, e-waste and more.

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  • Server Virtualization

    Server virtualization moved into the mainstream data center faster than anyone imagined. The whole topic of systems management could evolve into management of virtual systems in the future. This guide offers a pragmatic and comprehensive look at this year's breakout technology.

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  • Data center disaster recovery

    Fires, hurricanes and other catastrophic events can hit a data center at any time with little or no warning. Having a solid disaster recovery plan can be the difference between having information to restore a business with or starting from scratch. Without a well thought out recovery plan, businesses are gambling with their livelihood that nothing will go wrong.

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  • Mainframe Management

    The modern mainframe: This isn't your gramps' Big Iron. Mainframe management has evolved dramatically over the past few years. While older mainframe skills, such as COBOL or Assembler, are still important, modern mainframes are becoming less isolated. Today's mainframe manager needs to understand the impact of Web services technology, Linux and Java. Get up to speed on the latest mainframe management tools and tactics with this All-in-One guide.

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  • Data Center Physical Security

    Are you involved in physically securing your data center? Are you working with security consultants or facilities experts? If you want to know how to be more proactive when it comes to keeping your data center safe, this guide is for you.

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