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Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2013

The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the best data center products and technologies. Find out which products won in the areas of cloud computing, mobility, storage and more.

Modern Infastructure Impact Awards The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the best data center products and technologies in the essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure covers. The votes are in, and the winners have been determined. The first-ever edition of the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards gave prizes to winners in eight categories, which reflect the big topics affecting data center professionals today. Cloud computing, converged infrastructure, enterprise mobility management, hybrid flash storage and desktop and application delivery are all in the spotlight for the Impact Awards.

In addition, the Modern Infrastructure Bright Idea award recognizes an emerging technology concept or product with the potential to really shake up data center operations. The inaugural winner of the Bright Idea award reflects the changing market around using flash storage to improve virtualization practices.

We heard from thousands of readers, conferred with expert judges and now present the results of our very first Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards. Read on to find out who won.


Converged infrastructure

1. Best converged infrastructure product

Readers chose an up-and-comer for the winner in the Best Converged Infrastructure Product category of the Impact Awards. This product takes converged infrastructure past packaging to a true IT building block approach.

“I saw it in action, and I was floored,” said one reader.

Hybrid storage

2. Best hybrid flash storage product

The Best Hybrid Flash Storage category winner reflects modern storage technology, which increasingly uses solid-state disk to amp up performance. Voters noted the technology behind the award winner employs its own file system, along with a slick interface, to make the product stand out. This category also features a close runner-up.

Cloud management

3. Best cloud management software

Third-party cloud management products are a dime a dozen these days, but Impact Award voters recognized a winner and honorable mention finalist in the Best Cloud Management Software Product category. The winner supports a range of applications and platforms, including OpenStack, AWS, VMware and Windows Azure.

Cloud providers

4. Best cloud computing service provider

In the public cloud space today, there’s a heavyweight, and then there’s everyone else. Readers voted in the Best Cloud Computing Service Provider category, and ultimately chose the provider who they cited for “innovation and leadership,” along with an honorable mention upstart in the category.

Cloud apps

5. Best enterprise cloud app

In a quickly evolving category, voters recognized a product that “solves a fundamental problem for IT” with the best enterprise cloud app winner. Its simple user experience and important functionality won voters over, as did another app that won an honorable mention in this category.


6. Best enterprise mobility management product

In the Best Enterprise Mobility Management category of the Impact Awards, readers cited user-friendliness and advanced features as reasons for choosing the winner. The winning product is evolving past simple mobile device management to a more holistic approach to managing applications.

Desktop/App Delivery

7. Best desktop/application delivery product

The desktop and application virtualization market continues to grow and evolve, with several leading vendors prominent in the space. The winner of the Best Desktop/Application Delivery Product category may or may not come as a surprise to those familiar with the market. Readers cited maturity, flexibility and features as standouts for the winning product. The honorable mention winner also won high marks from voters.

Bright Idea

8. The MI Bright Idea Award

In the Bright Idea category, startups and established companies competed for the winning spot. This Impact Award category recognized a product -- either pre-release or brand-new -- with the potential to shake up data center operations. The winner promises a new approach to the problem of IO bottlenecks, and award voters praised its completeness and effectiveness.

Behind the Scenes

9. On the red carpet with Modern Infrastructure

The Modern Infrastructure technology product awards noted flash storage performance as a winning area for enterprise technology. This video takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Impact Awards.