ITIL benefits and challenges

Data Center ITIL benefits and challenges:

Chapter 1: ITIL in the data center

ITIL benefits and challenges

There are many reasons to implement ITIL, including consistency within IT, elimination of communication gaps and help desk improvement. There are also some pitfalls to ITIL: Gaining the support of IT staffers can be tough, and not all ITIL recommendations may be necessary for you. This section focuses on ITIL benefits and challenges.

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  • Gartner analyst warns against common ITIL traps

    12 Jun 2007

    Article -  Thinking about implementing ITIL? Don't bite off more than you can chew.

  • ITIL: Managing change, breaking down silos

    02 Apr 2007

    Article -  For data center managers, ITIL can bring more comprehensive knowledge of the assets and resources IT managers have at their disposal. Learn more with this installment of our feature on ITIL in the data center.

  • ITIL aids compliance efforts

    29 Mar 2007

    Article -  ITIL helps financial services company in their Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts.

  • Does your data center need ITIL?

    29 Mar 2007

    Article -  ITIL can bring order to the service-oriented data center. But confusion about the definition, implementation and requirements of ITIL are still holding some data center managers from adopting this ITSM framework.

  • The history and future of ITIL

    Tip -  As ITIL 3.0 nears its launch date, systems product management and author Richard Ptak primes us for it with a brief history of ITIL's evolution and coming challenges.

  • Are data centers adopting ISO 20000?

    Tip -  U.S. data centers are slow to adopt ISO 20000 and other IT service management standards.