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Essential guide to Linux in the enterprise

Systems administrators need to fine-tune and monitor their Linux system to ensure performance, whether Linux is the preferred OS in the on-premises data center, in the cloud or on a mainframe.

Linux management essentials

1. Helpful administrative tools for Linux in the enterprise

Successfully managing and monitoring multiple systems can be difficult without the right tools. Here are a few tips about Linux management tools and ways to set up your IT shop for success.

Linux as a link to the cloud

2. Lifting Linux workloads off-premises

Considering a switch to a cloud-based data center? Public cloud providers support Linux, which is a relatively low-cost option compared to other OSes. The flexibility of Linux also appeals to many enterprise IT shops looking to make their environments more agile. It's not all positive, however. There are some cons to using Linux in the cloud.

Linux on the mainframe

3. Breathing new life into big iron

Mainframes are still viable in the data center, thanks in part to added Linux operating system support and other open source software options. Follow these tips for making a mainframe more nimble with Linux and updating legacy applications for modern development.

Linux Quiz

4. Test your Linux skills with this quiz

Admins new and old can learn some new Linux tricks. Find out what you know when it comes to Linux installation, monitoring and management.

Putting your Linux server tricks to the test