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Colocated data centers uncut: Avoid these costly errors

When it comes to colocated data centers, what you don't know can cost you.

Expansion and rebuilds are pricey, and when your budget can't handle the expenses, colocate. Although colocating your data center involves a lot of planning and research, this essential guide points you in the right direction. You'll find out what to expect, what to inspect and what to avoid.

Ask a colo

1. Experts weigh in on colocation questions

Choosing the right colocation provider can be a daunting task, but with tips from colo experts, the decision will be pain-free. Experts answered our questions about everything colocation -- from providers to pricing -- and make you ask yourself, "Is this right for me?"

  • How to shop for the right colo provider

    Before selecting a colocation provider, enterprise IT shops need to consider their options and ask themselves: What am I looking for in a facility? Do I need a colo or can I build a new data center? When a new build is out of the question, do you know what to expect when choosing a colocation provider? We have the answers to frequently asked colo questions.


  • Should you choose the cloud over colocation?

    How do you want to implement a private and hybrid enterprise cloud? Your answer will lead to either colocation services or cloud hosting. Read what colocation and cloud service providers say about which approach to take.


  • Uptime explains it all

    What do the data center tiers really mean? Don't be fooled by the number -- find out why it is crucial to find out if your colocation provider is properly certified. Make sure you are updated on colocation best practices.


  • Can an eco-friendly colo data center really save you some green?

    Many companies want greener IT operations, whether to save money or help the environment. But where do colo data centers fit in?


How do I choose?

2. Selecting a colocation facility

Colocation services are intended to aid expanding data centers, but sometimes choosing the right provider can be stressful. Learning how to make the right decision and what to expect is imperative for a satisfying, long-lasting colocation relationship.

  • Risk and reward: Roadmap to a colocation facility

    How do I select a colocation facility? With potential risks and the probability of success, data centers need a roadmap through the selection process. Discover the steps you need to take when selecting a colocation service.


  • Translating requests for proposal responses

    Avoid stress and confusion. This tip will guide you toward success and away from common aggravations. Don't send your data center down a dangerous track.


  • What to consider when selecting a colo

    Building or upgrading your data center can be expensive and the cost of construction might not be in the budget. When your best option is to use a colo service, you need to know what to look for. We provide the best practices for choosing a colocation provider.


  • What are the best data center locations?

    So you're building out in a colocation facility: You need cheap electricity, a cooperative climate and political stability in foreign countries among other concerning factors. Clive Longbottom offers important questions to consider when choosing a new data center location.


  • Don't miss these costs when choosing a provider

    Negotiating the price of a colocation provider is easier when you identify your business's operational necessities. But what about unforeseen and overlooked costs? There are seven common potential costs that you might be stunned to see.


What can go wrong?

3. Ensuring your colo choice isn't wrong

So you've decided to use a colocation facility. How do you ensure that you won't have a negative experience? Not knowing how to choose the best colo provider can be detrimental to your data center operations. Guarantee that what can go wrong, won't go wrong.

  • The wrong way to choose a colo service

    Learn from our mistakes. Read about Mike Laverick's experiences and ensure that your colocation data center switch runs efficiently -- and headache-free.


  • What not to do: Choosing the wrong provider

    After a few bad experiences with colocation providers, Mike Laverick pulled together a checklist to help others avoid such negative experiences. His most useful tip: Beware! Follow his checklist to ensure a positive experience.


  • What to do when your SLA is working against you

    Service-level agreements must be coordinated with your needs, but do you know how to make changes to your existing SLA? Peter Sclafani has the answers to help you negotiate an SLA. And remember, all SLAs are not created equal.


  • Secure your third-party data center

    You are entrusting your invaluable, confidential information to third-party facilities. Are you sure it's safe? Educate yourself on the inherent risks your information is subject to in a colocation facility because what you don't know can hurt your data center.


  • Will colocation providers become extinct?

    Troubling times for data centers could lead to colocation provider hardships. What would you do if your colocation provider went under? See how the troubled data centers affect colocation facilities.


You oughta know

4. Helpful definitions

Don't be confused by the language. Learn more about the colocation concepts with these definitions.