Chapter 3: Data center capacity planning

Data Center Chapter 3: Data center capacity planning:

Chapter 3: Data center capacity planning

Capacity planning in the data center is about making sure that you have the computing power and physical space to handle your businesses' present and future needs. Get news and information about capacity planning, including server virtualization and data center consolidation in this guide to data center capacity planning.

Capacity planning tools:

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Data center consolidation:

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Planning physical data center capacity:

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  • How can we design a scalable data center?

    Ask the Expert -  Is there a rule of thumb to size the square footage for a new data center that is cost effective for at least another 10 years? If not, what are the major factors that we need to put into consideration with the new and future server technology in mind?

  • Good planning can ease space concerns

    Tip -  Your growing IT infrastructure can be a nightmare for facilities planners who have to think about not only physical space, but also updating wiring, power conditioning and cooling.

  • Time is ripe for data center infrastructure databases

    30 May 2007

    Article -  Many data centers track their IT assets in a configuration management database, but as they continue to grow, facility items deserve a database of their own.

Server capacity planning:

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What is capacity planning?:

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  • Top items in a capacity planning and performance monitoring program

    Tip -  Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization, a capacity planning and performance monitoring program is essential for proactive planning and management of your data center.

  • Data centers handle holiday rush

    15 Dec 2006

    Article -  For every extra CD bought, book picked out and slot machine pulled during the holidays, an electronic transaction is made. And data centers have to be able to deal with it all.

  • Nine tips for nifty capacity planning

    Tip -  It's tough to plan for future capacity needs. It's tougher to know that your plan is on target, and toughest to keep it that way. Read our tip and find out how to do all three.