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February 2009, Vol. 7

Finding the best capacity planning tool for your data center

Capacity planning tools carry out a number of functions that help data centers operate at peak efficiency. These tools allow data center managers to monitor their current physical servers and virtual machines (VMs) as well as the virtual machine hosts on which VMs run. With the proper capacity planning tool, data center managers can size their virtual environments to allow for better server utilization and plan for growth. Picking the best capacity planning tool, however, means you need to do your homework. You must define your requirements carefully and pick the tool that best matches your needs. Capacity planning tools: Getting started Why is capacity planning so important? For example, a successful migration requires capacity planning. Enterprises considering virtualization must determine server utilization levels before migrating VMs. Before a physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration, server-level utilization must be determined so as not to underestimate the physical targets. It is also essential to determine servers' memory ...

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