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August 2009, Vol. 13

How to approach IT staffing in today's data center

At one time, it took a small army of highly trained and experienced IT professionals to run a corporate data center. But the persistent advances of technology and changing business perceptions have changed the nature of IT staffing. No longer viewed as a bastion of esoteric technology, IT shops have assumed a more traditional role as a cost center -- an everyday element of business operations that contends for diminishing budget dollars just as other parts of the organization do. Business changes have also converged with technological advances in management tools, improvements in resiliency and the emergence of virtualization. And all of these factors have had a profound effect on the IT staffing needs and skill set requirements for modern data centers. Trends in today's IT workforce Organizations expect today's IT staffs to do more with less. Because of that reality, the scope of many IT roles is expanding, often aided by advances in virtualization technology to support many more business systems without more bodies to operate ...

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