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August 2010, Vol. 25

Five fallacies of cloud computing

An old college buddy called me last week. He works for a manufacturer who sells a product into data centers (among other markets) and he wanted a data center professional's insight into "this whole cloud thing." It seems a colleague of his is trying to convince his whole company to prepare for the cloud computing paradigm shift, where "everything will exist within about ten huge data centers." I have to admit, I laughed when I heard that. My friend wanted to know what impact cloud computing will have on the future. "Is what this guy's saying really going to happen?" In my answer, I went over how much of the thinking and hype surrounding cloud computing is built upon fallacies while ignoring the market realities. Let me outline those fallacies here. Could computing fallacy #1: New technology always supersedes old technology I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard or read something akin to "Everything will move to the cloud." The basis of this statement is a deeply held fallacy in the minds of so many people who follow ...

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