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Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Writer Published: 13 Oct 2012

Virtualization is arguably one of the most important data center technologies to emerge in the last decade. In fact, virtualization technology has permeated IT so quickly and thoroughly that it’s hard to imagine a business without it. Still, deploying and managing virtualization presents a variety of challenges. For data centers that aren't on board yet, it’s time to examine the principal concerns stalling the decision to virtualize and seek ways to address those issues. The cost to virtualize as a deal-breaker Perhaps the biggest sticking point to virtualize is the associated costs. In a TechTarget survey conducted from July to September 2009, more than 900 IT professionals were questioned about data center virtualization. Twenty-eight percent of respondents said they avoided virtualization because it’s just too expensive. That’s no big surprise. Virtualization often requires newer and more powerful server hardware that can adequately support the performance of numerous virtual workloads. Doing that may require a server with four, eight or even 16 CPU cores... Access >>>

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