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Phil Goodwin Published: 03 Jun 2013

All-SSD Arrays Part 1: Using all-SSD arrays to turbocharge your data center Part 2: Emerging all-SSD arrays deliver performance boost to data centers In today's data center, storage technology can easily lag behind other, faster systems. A 35% storage utilization rate -- as measured by the storage consumed, not allocated -- isn't uncommon. IT managers faced with that number will likely conclude that they have a problem with underutilized capacity. And they're right. On a multimillion dollar array, this can be a million-dollar problem. Should these organizations simply pack more data into the space available? Maybe not. The root cause of this capacity inefficiency may be performance. In the last 10 years, while compute power and network speeds have shot up, hard disk drive (HDD) technology has lagged behind.  With the advent of the solid-state drive (SSD), performance in the storage arena has gotten a significant boost to reduce the bottleneck when you add an all-SSD array to an HDD array (Table 1). The all-SSD array marketplace Table 1 The all-SSD array ... Access >>>

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