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Published: 05 Aug 2013

What's the most important feature to shop for in DCIM software? A key consideration when choosing a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system is how it populates the equipment database. Some do not update new equipment details on a regular basis; others use "plate values" for metrics such as power usage. The difference between using a plate value (the rated power usage) and actual energy usage measured in real time can be almost an order of magnitude, which can lead to over-engineering of power, backup and cooling systems. DCIM: Is it for you? Part 1: DCIM's advantages for flexible data center planning Part 2: DCIM software improvements that finesse data center planning Two-dimensional schematics have given way to 3D in most DCIM software, so that rack-based systems can be engineered in situ and viewed from multiple directions. These 3D schematics allow users to easily see if new equipment might interfere with existing objects. Some DCIM tools also have the ability to run "what-if?" scenarios. For example, will placing a server in a given rack ... Access >>>

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