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Modern Infrastructure

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Production workloads go boldly to the cloud

April 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4

Issue Highlights

    • Ditching command-and-control policies can help IT cope with mobility
    • Employee mobility shifts IT's focus to data security and delivery
    • Scripted automation saves the day in cloud-first IT approach
    • Cloud-first initiatives alleviate standards and compliance pain points
    • Small businesses drop data centers for advantages of cloud computing
    • Flash memory storage speeds past slow write cliffs
    • DaaS vs. VDI: Why the comparisons might not be fair
    • How cloud desktops stem VDI costs
    • If VDI adoption stalls at 20 percent, you'll still need to deliver Windows applications

Previous Issues

    • Cloud computing in business: Find the right model

      Special CIO Edition, April 2014 Includes:
      • Plenty of drivers to craft a hybrid cloud strategy, but caveats too
      • CIOs exploit the cloud computing model for business gains
      • CIOs architect a cloud computing business model, with watchful eye on costs
      • Take off the tech hat when contemplating cloud adoption strategy
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    • For DR, cloud is the great equalizer

      March 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3 Includes:
      • DRaaS means disaster recovery doesn't have to break the bank
      • RTO, RPO metrics find the true value of a cloud DR strategy
      • Cloud computing advantages bring disaster recovery to the masses
      • Open-source server, hardware additions energize Open Compute Project
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    • As SaaS outsourcing takes away data center tasks, what's left for IT teams?

      February 2014, Volume 3, Issue 2 Includes:
      • Reducing network latency means focusing on location, location, location
      • As BYOD management and cost realities set in, its luster fades
      • What do SaaS implementations mean for IT?
      • BYOD alternatives emerge as tablets outship PCs
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    • The new automation imperative

      January 2014, Volume 3, Number 1 Includes:
      • Data center network design moves from tree to leaf
      • The new IT automation imperative
      • What virtualized GPU technology is doing for VDI
      • Are IT automation tools your ladder to the cloud?
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    • Modern Infrastructure Impact Award winners

      December 2013, Special Edition Includes:
      • Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2013
      • MI Impact Awards voting: The wisdom of crowds
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    • Cloud storage at your service

      November 2013, Volume 2, Number 10 Includes:
      • Modern processor design means integration, efficiency
      • Enterprises turn to private storage clouds in light of Amazon EBS weaknesses
      • What is object storage and why do cloud providers rely heavily on it?
      • The nitty-gritty of VMware NSX
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    • Hybrid cloud may be more than an enterprise stepping stone

      August 2013, Volume 2, Number 8 Includes:
      • Transitioning legacy software to SaaS without gutting functionality
      • Building an energy efficient data center for savings
      • DCIM's advantages for flexible data center planning
      • Explained: What is the Internet of Things?
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    • The problem with private cloud

      July 2013, Volume 2, Number 7 Includes:
      • Data center SDN still in its infancy, says expert
      • Data center size, infrastructure determined by type of enterprise
      • Apple iOS 7: First look from an IT perspective
      • Big data privacy concerns spur research, innovation
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    • Securing and mitigating risk in the cloud

      Special CIO edition, July 2013 Includes:
      • CEB: Three steps to an enterprise framework for managing cloud risks
      • Cloud security risks still an issue for CIOs, but change is in the air
      • Cloud migration strategy: What's holding CIOs back?
      • The GRC maturity model and value proposition
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    • Understanding infrastructure and platform as a service

      June 2013, Volume 2, Number 6 Includes:
      • What it takes to build a mobile health care app: Time and teamwork
      • Using all-SSD arrays to turbocharge your data center
      • Understanding silicon photonics technology
      • IaaS infringes on acceptance of true PaaS cloud architecture
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    • Big data: Access and outcome over infrastructure

      Special CIO edition, April 2013 Includes:
      • Information management and the role of IT in a big data era: Three tips
      • What to consider before deploying the Hadoop framework
      • CIO Matters: Leveraging big data for big business value
      • Custom fitting a big data strategy
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    • Bracing yourself for big data

      March 2013, Volume 2, Number 3 Includes:
      • Comparing popular converged infrastructure products
      • Big data projects require big changes in hardware and software
      • Hybrid cloud architecture is goal for IT in public-private debate
      • BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry Enterprise Service by the numbers
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    • Modern Infrastructure: We’re mobile. Now what?

      February 2013/ Volume 2, Issue 2 Includes:
      • Linux cloud makes some headway with enterprise IT
      • Getting the most out of your enterprise mobility program
      • Cloud propels HPC sector
      • Enterprise mobility and BYOD cost challenges plague organizations
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    • Is SDDC Mature Enough for the Mainstream?

      Special Edition, February 2013 Includes:
      • Is the software-defined data center ready for the mainstream?
      • The downsides of a software-defined infrastructure
      • Emerging trends: Vendors pushing the software defined data center
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