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Ask The Data Center Expert: Meet the Experts's Ask the Experts is the place to get your technical and implementation questions answered by some of the leading authorities in the data center field. Our experts have been chosen by our editorial team for their knowledge of specific technology areas. To get a faster response, please choose the appropriate category for your question.

  • Stephen J. Bigelow

    Stephen J. Bigelow

    Stephen J. Bigelow, Senior Technology Editor with, has more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the PC/technology industry.

  • Brad Casey

    Brad Casey

    Brad Casey has extensive experience in the areas of penetration testing, public key infrastructure, Voice over IP (VoIP) and network packet analysis.

  • Robert Crawford

    Robert Crawford


    Robert Crawford has been a CICS systems programmer off and on for 30 years.

  • Wayne Kernochan

    Wayne Kernochan

    Wayne Kernochan is the President of Infostructure Associates, an affiliate of Valley View Ventures and has been an IT industry analyst for 22 years.

  • Paul Korzeniowski

    Paul Korzeniowski

    Paul Korzeniowski is a freelance writer who specializes in cloud computing issues. He is based in Sudbury, Mass.

  • Clive Longbottom

    Clive Longbottom

    Clive Longbottom is the co-founder and service director at Quocirca and has been an ITC industry analyst for more than 15 years.

  • Robert McFarlane

    Robert McFarlane

    Robert McFarlane is a principal in charge of data center design for the international consulting firmShen Milsom & Wilke LLC.

  • Brien Posey

    Brien Posey

    Brien Posey is a freelance technical writer with more than two decades of IT experience.

  • John Treadway

    John Treadway

    John Treadway, who has an entrepreneurial background, leads the products and software business at Cloud Technology Partners.

  • Sander van Vugt

    Sander van Vugt

    Sander van Vugt is an independent trainer and consultant living in the Netherlands.

  • Mark Zelden

    Mark Zelden

    Mark Zelden is a z/OS systems programmer and consultant with more than 25 years of experience.

  • Tom Goguen

    Tom Goguen


    Tom Goguen, Vice President of Sun's operating platforms group, has overall management responsibilities for product marketing of Solaris, Linux, N1 and Availability Products. He has joined's expert panel to answer your Solaris questions.

  • Charles King

    Charles King

    Charles King, an expert on infrastructure hardware, and product and technology evolution and its effect on the IT market, will answer your questions about short and long term strategies for the data center.